A little intro of being chronically me

My name is Kristen and I am 37 years old. I have am married and I have one daughter who will be turning 18 soon. We live in Louisiana where our summers are hot and so are our winters. I am currently living with a number of illnesses/conditions and at times I use a mobility aid. My illness has robbed me of my career, my independence, and my life. I went from an active wife and mother to someone who uses a walker to get around their home. I went from never missing a single school function for my daughter to missing everything. I decided to start blogging while staring at an accumulation of pages of things I had been writing while trying to distract myself from the pain and isolation and depression that has come with being chronically ill. I wanted to share some of my experiences and offer advice and information to people looking for support or having a hard time reaching out. If it helps just one person feel a little more confidant with living with their disability then to me, all of the sharing was worth it. While reading my blog I hope you will learn how to cope with the many challenges you face while living with your disability. I will share what resources, tools and products that I have found helpful and those I have found not so helpful. I will also touch on topics like: reaching out to friends and family, how to talk about your illness, depression, how to ask for help and taking charge if your life, just to name a few and I will share information and resources for friends and family of the chronically ill regarding how they can help their loved ones.

Author: chronicallykristen82

I am a 37 year old wife and mother of one amazing daughter. I live with multiple chronic illnesses which at times, requires me to use a mobility aid or leaves me confined to my home or bed for weeks at a time. My chronic illness has forced me to quit my profession, stopped me from being able to attend school functions and made me extremely depressed and isolated. My hope is that this blog helps my readers learn to walk in confidence with their disabilities as well as help with those difficult to talk about topics and hard to ask questions, and to those who are family members or friends of persons with visible or invisible illnesses realize their importance in supporting their loved ones during difficult times.

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